On Women’s Leadership Fellowships

The 2017 Women’s Sport Leadership Academy (WSLA) is open for applications. This got me thinking about my own experience with initiatives of this nature and whether I can say it is worth it for women sport leaders to participate. I say yes, not just because I am part of the WSLA team, but also because my experience with a similar development and support programme has been positive.



VVLead Fellows in Zambia arranged a walk & talk mentoring day for young women last year

I’ve participated in the Vital Voices Fellowship  a programme that comprises residential sessions, peer-mentoring, virtual meeting spaces, and exchange visits. This provided me the space to reflect, to question and challenge myself and my work. This was at the stage when I had taken on more responsibility in my organisation and so being part of this programme was a big help. Through this fellowship I am connected with people who have become collaborators, friends, mentors, supporters, and colleagues. I am now part of a global network of hundreds of women around the world working in diverse sectors including politics in Nigeria, indigenous fabric design in South America, climate justice in Thailand, sport in India, and gender equity in technology in Zambia.


VVLead Fellows from 11 Countries came to Zambia on a learning visit

There are so few programmes that support leadership development for women sport leaders in particular. Programmes like the Women’s Sport Leadership Academy therefore remain important.


Aya Noguchi and I making life plans

Applications are open until 30th November, 2016, take a look at the application criteria and apply  and/or share this with someone who can benefit from it.